Tactical Locker

Lockers as tough as the first responders that use them.

The best-quality 2-compartment locker available for your changeroom is here.

The Tactical Locker is made for secure storage. Originally designed for first responders, this locker is tough. The locker, door, lower compartment and bench seat are all made of heavy-gauge steel. The Sandtex powder coating stands up to scratches, salt and more.

The top compartment is ideal for clothing, personal items or equipment bags. It features a unique universal back panel that accepts a variety of storage components. The bottom compartment is great for footwear. Both compartments are vented.

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Locker Sizes

Tactical Lockers are available 2 sizes

  • 72 in. H x 18 in. W x 24 in. D (32 in. deep at bottom)
  • 72 in. H x 24 in. W x 24 in. D (32 in. deep at bottom)

Tactical Lockers are great for professional, demanding change rooms. They’re designed for first responders and other industries requiring lots of gear. The Tactical Locker is great for storing and organizing gear.

Two compartments allow you to separate clothing and footwear. Both are ventilated to keep your equipment fresh while stored.

The flexible interior with a shelf, hooks and a customizable back panel make this perfect for any application. The panel integrates many storage components to keep your gear tidy.



Tactical Lockers are manufactured with steel, completely welded together and finished with a textured Sandtex paint. This creates an incredibly strong locker capable of outlasting demanding use.

The 2-compartment design makes the Tactical Locker a very flexible storage solution. You can equip the top compartment with a built-in lock or use a padlock. The bottom compartment can be secured with a keylock.

The locker is also made with a built-in shelf, coat hooks and a hanger bar. Contact us for drawings and specifications.


Versatility in One Design

Colors Available

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