Tactical Locker Storage

Tactical Locker Storage

Tactical Locker - Open Door




GSS Lockers is proud to introduce our new Tactical Locker. This new 2-compartment locker is great for changerooms. It’s designed for first responders and all of their equipment


Quality You Can Trust


Our Tactical Locker is made with the same high-quality components and manufacturing processes that make our other lockers market leaders. Our expert storage designers created this locker specifically for first responders. It meets the high-demands of tough work environment.

Tactical Locker Hangar Bar




Flexible Top Compartment

The spacious top compartment features a ventilated door and a flexible interior space. The compartment includes standard equipment for hanging garments and equipment. It also features a unique back panel that can accept many tailored storage components.

Tactical Locker Built in Bench




Secure Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer slides out to access a large space perfect for storing boots, bags and other accessories. The drawer is secured with your choice of lock.

Increase storage security in your department with the Tactical Locker.