TA-50 Locker

Secure your gear in the best perforated locker available.

The welded, steel TA-50 locker is incredibly strong and secures your equipment with a multi-point lock mechanism. The perforated front and sides keep your gear well ventilated after a long sweaty day.

Our largest locker offers plenty of storage space. Keep your cases and helmets on the upper shelf and store clothing on the sturdy hanger bar. This is just one of 100s of storage options available with the TA-50 Locker.

To increase durability, we powder coat TA-50 Lockers in a Sandtex finish. Select your size and request a quote.

Locker Sizes

TA-50 Lockers are available in 1 or 2-tier configurations. We also offer two width choices.

  • 78” H x 36” W x 24” D
  • 78” H x 42” W x 24” D

TA-50 Lockers are ideal for locker rooms and equipment storage rooms. The perforated gates and doors make this the perfect locker for storing wet & sweaty gear. It’s also great for allowing equipment to breathe in musty, long-term storage areas.

The large doors make it perfect for accepting big equipment – from dive gear to hockey equipment. The convenient hanger bar means the TA-50 Locker can also be a great clothing storage option.

TA-50 Lockers are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel, coated in a durable Sandtex finish. Before being painted, the steel is punched to allowing venting while maintaining security.

The locker is completely welded for extra strength. TA-50 Lockers include built-in levelling feet, shelf, hooks and a hangar bar.

The large perforated gates are secured with a multipoint locking mechanism and are installed with a very-low tamper tolerance. Contact us for drawings and specifications.

Versatility in One Design

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Colors Available