Strengthening Our Welding Capabilities

Strengthening Our Welding Capabilities

GSS Lockers has acquired new welding equipment to improve the quality, accuracy and speed of our welding capabilities. Our new welding equipment is part of our initiative to update our processes to speed up delivery time.

GSS_Welding_Equipment 750x1000Improving Our Welding Department


At the start of 2019, GSS Lockers began to redesign our welding area and improve its capabilities. We rearranged the process flow to make manufacturing faster, more flexible and to improve quality – ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

We’ve adjusted the layout and added a gantry spot welder and MIG welder to improve our key performance indicators – safety, productivity and quality.

Welding Equipment in Use - 300x400New Gantry Spot Welder

Our new gantry spot welding equipment has just been installed on our factory floor and is up and running to improve how your lockers are welded.

The gantry spot welder increases our welding flexibility. This allows us to weld unique locker parts. We’re able to weld at different angles as well as weld our larger locker products. In the past, welding large lockers has been time consuming – not anymore!

With this new addition, we’ve also improved welding ergonomics for our team. Making processes safer is great for everyone. Another benefit is that the new system doesn’t produce any smoke, which is better for our environment. The equipment operates solely on fusion.

GSS_Welding_Equipment_In Use_750x1000New MIG Welding Equipment

Our new MIG welder is a great addition to our welding department. The MIG welder has spot-welding capabilities and also has a cycle time – so it can weld on its own.

This equipment improves our weld quality and increases speed. This is another step to help build and ship lockers faster. We want to cut down on wait times. Addressing our welding capabilities will do just that.