Pro Line-Z Locker

The Pro Line Z locker series is our high-end model with our most professional looking design. These lockers are built to meet the same strength and durability demands of our toughest lockers. Appearance and performance make this the clear locker choice for any adult environment.

The Pro Line Z locker’s unique 2-tier design is perfect for hanging longer garments like lab coats, coveralls, suits and dresses. This design makes the very durable Pro Line Z perfect for workplaces and first-class environments.

Our powder-coat finishes are available in multiple colour choices and come in a graffiti-resistant option. Select your colour and size to build the locker you need.

The Pro Line Z locker is designed professional environments.

The 2-tier “Z” configuration allows the locker to accommodate longer garments, while still having a second storage compartment. This is perfect for items you don’t want touching the bottom of the locker or getting wrinkled like a uniform.

Install the Pro Line Z locker in hallways or changerooms at workplaces, athletic clubs, golf clubs and more. Slope tops and side panels connect the lockers seamless to any wall for a clean finished look.

With over different width and depth options, you can find a Pro Line Z locker that solves your locker needs.

Pro Line Z lockers are built to last and easily handle rugged day-to-day use. Manufactured with heavy-gauge steel, these lockers very durable.

The Pro Line Z doors are ideal for professional environments. They’re equipped with our quiet-close and stay-closed technology, which eliminates screechy noises and loud bangs. Pro Line Z doors are attached using a full-length integrated hinge and frame, and can be secure with a lock and the single-point latch. The outer door-panels are made with 14-gauge steel and the liners are 20-gauge steel to prevent dents and warping over time.

The locker’s body panels are pre-painted and made with solid 20-gauge steel to stand the test of time.

The top and bottom of the locker are built with 16-gauge galvanneal steel so they won’t rust. We use the same steel for the locker shelves. Rust-proof steel ensures the locker looks and performs as well as it did the day it was installed.

Versatility in One Design

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