Evidence Locker Storage Systems

Evidence Locker Storage Systems



Law enforcement, we have your evidence storage locker solution.


Our new evidence locker design incorporates traditional locker technology combined with high-security components to keep valuable evidence safe and secure. We offer 2 designs – closed-back and pass-through – to work for a variety of evidence storage applications.




Pass-Through Evidence Locker


The pass-through system is designed to be installed between secure areas in either a wall or fenced barrier. On the evidence deposit side, there are many compartments for officers to secure their evidence. On the collection side, there is a large, single security gate. This allows the evidence manager to access and collect evidence from all of the compartments.

Evidence Storage Locker - Back



Closed-Back Evidence Locker

The closed-back system is designed to be installed against a wall. The back of the evidence system is completely closed off with a steel back. Evidence gets deposited into one of many compartments on the front of the locker by officers. The evidence manager then collects all of the evidence and relocates it to the secure area.