Hallways of the Future

As an industry leader in locker manufacturing, we continue to look for new ways to incorporate storage systems into learning institutions, workplaces, recreation centres and more.


Innovative Designs

Green eLocker Station

We’ve created innovative hallway concepts that support the new technology and learning methods many schools are using today. Using existing product lines and new designs, we’ve developed systems that allow users to secure their valuables quickly and conveniently.

Our new locker systems incorporate day-use or single-use locks that allow users to quickly lock up their computers for short periods of time right next to their work station. Having an easily accessible locker prevents unnecessary thefts while people have gone to the bathroom or out for lunch.

Our new hallway concepts provide storage and maximize learning space. Our corridor adaptation includes the typical corridor locker separated by benches for students to catch up on reading, use their laptops & tablets or socialize. No matter what they do, there is now more activity space and storage requirements are still met.

Our other option features corridor lockers separated by a counter. The counter serves as the workspace with power outlets, desk space and more, while the lockers provide convenient storage.

Rethink the Shared Workspace

Workplace under desk elockers

Schools and universities have made use of group workstations for decades. Large, communal tables are found in libraries, student centres and other common areas all over North America. But they’re often found without readily accessible storage.

Our new workstation concepts feature the same large table top workspace and include easy-to-access storage. This allows groups or individuals to be hard at work and then break for lunch or the washroom without the fear of having their valuables taken. They can simply lock up their work in one of the conveniently placed lockers.

This makes life easier as students don’t have to choose between losing their valuables or carrying them around at all times. If they step out for a coffee, they can tuck their technology away in a secure, single-use locker.


Ultimate Flexibility


eLockers HallwayAs the need for collaborative meeting spaces increases, trust GSS Lockers to deliver the best multi-use storage systems available. Best of all, our new designs can be used by anyone at anytime allowing people to access secure storage when they need it.

It’s important to note that these designs are concepts. GSS Lockers is exploring different ways to incorporate storage into schools without taking away crucial learning space. If you have an idea that similarly incorporates locker storage with workstations, let us know. We’re happy to develop solutions that work for changing storage requirements.





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