eLockers: Changing Locker Storage Forever

eLockers come in banks of up to 64 locker compartments and include an access console that can be configured with 4 different options. The access options are: RFID access, swipe card, credit card and pin-pad access.

Users input their access information at the console to unlock a locker compartment. Users then store their items, close the locker and enjoy their day’s activities. When they want to collect the stored items, they re-enter their access information and the compartment will unlock and pop open.


School smart locker


The internet & smart technology have quickly disrupted the need for standard corridor lockers that line hallways in schools. Students just don’t require the same fixed storage space anymore because they can take their notes, textbooks and more with them in the form of a laptop or smartphone.

eLockers are an excellent alternative to corridor lockers. They use less space as fewer banks are required. eLockers allow students to store items in a single-use locker only when necessary. When they aren’t using the locker, it’s open for someone else.

Using this system can make thousands of square feet available in your school’s existing footprint.



elockers grey bankWorkplaces

As office workplaces shift to more open settings with less assigned workspaces, employees lose their permanent storage systems found in their desks, filing cabinets, etc. They lose places to put their boots, jackets and accessories like purses.

Our eLocker system is an excellent solution. A bank of eLockers allows employees to store their personal items when they’re at work. Now, they have a place for their personal items again. When the employee is not at work or has nothing to store, there is an open locker available for someone else.



elockers blue bankHigh-Rise Living

Space is incredibly valuable in high-rise living applications, especially in large cities that are becoming increasingly dense. Reduce and organize the space required for storage with our eLockers.






Smart Gym LockerHealth & Wellness Rooms

Design your health and wellness change rooms with GSS eLockers to make life easier for residents. The easy-to-use interface means residents don’t need to bring their own lock and can easily access their personal belongings. The secure bank of lockers can also help you reduce your locker footprint as lockers are used on a as-needed first-come-first-served basis.





elockers outsidePackage Deliveries


Take control of and organize your package deliveries to simplify receiving duties and make pick-up easier for residents.

eLockers allow concierges to organize and secure packages in spacious compartments. This can quickly reduce the amount of delivery packages in the lobby. Building management can places packages, grocery delivery and more in the secure locker and have the resident pick it up without a fuss. The best part is, not everyone needs a compartment. Share compartments amongst all residents and secure them with unique access codes.