New E-Lockers use advanced technology to revolutionize locker storage.

The new E-Locker technology is more secure, requires fewer lockers, uses less floor space and allows clients to add tracking and alarm capabilities.

E-Lockers are made with our strong & trusted locker bodies adapted to allow for electronic access control. Each bank is controlled by a kiosk that manages access for up to 64 individual compartments. Select the access method that works best for your needs, including swipe cards, pin keypads, RFID and credit card access. The choice is yours.

E-Lockers are monitored securely with 24/7 customer support. The lockers can also be configured to send alerts, track usage and limit/extend storage duration.

Our heavy-gauge bodies and doors are powder-coated in your choice of E-Locker paint colour. Check out our E-Locker colour chart for a complete list of options.

E-Lockers are a great solution for all kinds of storage applications. Whether you’re replacing old corridor lockers or providing your employees with a brand-new storage space, our many configuration options allow you to create the right solution for your needs.


Maximize floor space in hallways with E-Lockers. Using E-Lockers in place of corridor lockers drastically reduces the amount of floor space dedicated to storage. With E-Lockers, students have access to storage space only when they need it. If they don’t have anything to store, you’re not wasting space on an empty locker. E-Lockers integrate with existing school identification systems. Re-purpose school hallways and dedicated locker spaces for new uses today.


Use E-Lockers as your storage solution for employee lockers, flex office storage and securely storing valuables. As offices become more open and shared, employees are losing their dedicated storage spaces at their desks. E-Lockers offer employees a secure storage space they can use when they have items to store like boots & purses. 

Package Delivery

Organize and secure packages in workplace and residential mailrooms. E-Lockers are great for package storage in condominiums and apartments. Concierges can organize the packages and distribute a code and locker ID to the resident to locate and collect their mail when they return home. At work, E-Lockers are a great solution for remote mail areas on each floor or in a centralized area. The mailroom can delivery valuable packages and secure them in an empty locker. The mail room can then share an access code and locker ID for the employee to collect the valuable package or sensitive information. 

Public Spaces

E-Lockers are fantastic for shopping malls, amusement parks, recreation centres, transit stations and more. The lockers take up minimal floor space compared to corridor lockers and allow for multiple users. Guests can quickly & easily locate an empty locker and store their gear for as long as you choose to allow them. Public-use spaces generate revenue with the lockers by charging guests to use them. The credit card access configuration is the ideal solution for this application. Revenue generating lockers also allow your organization to participate in our no-investment revenue sharing program. Contact us for more details about this program.

E-Lockers are built to last. We manufacture E-Lockers with the same heavy-gauge steel found in our other locker products. All the metal components are made with 16 and 18-gauge carbon steel, powder coated for a long-lasting durable finish. The door hinge pins, locking pins and door springs are all manufactured from stainless steel.

We build the cabinets and kiosks with integrated bases with leveling points and ship them fully assembled. All that’s required is installation. The kiosk and cabinets must have access to power and an internet connection.

All of the electrical components are rigorously field tested for durability. The electronic components operate on 12V DC for safety and reliability.

Versatility in One Design

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