Cubbie Locker

The Cubbie locker series is designed with young students in mind. The height and open storage space is excellent for students to quickly access everything they need. The open design eliminates the need for remembering keys and combinations.

The strong steel construction allows it to take anything students can throw at it.

Cubbie lockers can have different configuration, so the solution fulfills your exact needs. You choose where the shelves, garment compartment and coat hooks go.

Locker Sizes

The Cubbie locker comes in different sizes variations to suit your application.

All Cubbies lockers are 48 inches tall. Customize the width and depth for your needs. Cubbie lockers are available in banks of 3, 4 or 5 (each cubby is 12 inches wide). We also offer 3 depth options – 12”D, 15”D and 18”D.

The Cubbie locker is designed for corridors and classrooms – especially those with small, young students. Manufactured in banks, the Cubbie locker can easily be fastened back-to-back and side-to-side to create a locker solution as large as you require. The lockers can also be secured to the floor and wall to prevent them from tipping over.

The Cubbie locker includes 2 shelves, which can both be configured at the top and bottom. They’re also equipped with a garment compartment and 2 coat hooks. You choose how the cubbies are configured, so you can create a design for students just entering school or about to take the next step.


Cubbie lockers manufactured with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel. The strong steel can handle all the requirements for primary-age children. All of the panels, shelves and components arrive knocked-down and ready to assemble. Assembly is easy with step-by-step installation manuals.






Versatility in One Design

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Colors Available