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Tactical Locker - Twin Lockers Tactical Locker Storage GSS Lockers is proud to introduce our Tactical Locker. This new 2-compartment locker is great for changerooms. It’s designed with first responders in mind. Increase storage security in your department with the Tactical Locker. Read more here. TA-50 Locker - Side View TA-50 Locker for Gear Storage Introducing the ultimate gear storage solution. Our spacious TA-50 Locker is the most secure model on the market. Learn more about the locker and what you can store in it here. Evidence Locker 5a Evidence Locker Storage Systems Law enforcement, we have your evidence storage locker solution. Our new evidence locker design incorporates traditional locker technology combined with high-security components to keep valuable evidence safe and secure. Check out the lockers today. Weld Demonstration 2 - close up 1920 Crop Strengthening Our Welding Capabilities GSS Lockers has acquired new welding equipment to improve the quality, accuracy and speed of our welding capabilities. Our new welding equipment is part of our initiative to update our processes to speed up delivery time. Find out what this means for you. apple-blur-book-stack-1115x344 OMC 71st Annual Workshop - July 7-9, 2019 Come visit our booth to see our latest in school storage technology! We’re located at booth #39 during the OMC 71st Annual Workshop. We have exciting new developments to show school board officials that changes the way we look at locker storage. Come talk to the locker experts while we’re in Niagara to find out more. E-Locker Banks in a Locker Room eLockers: Changing Locker Storage Forever Storage requirements everywhere are changing. Whether you’re storing school supplies, work equipment or personal belongings you need lockers that fit today’s needs. That’s why we’ve modified our locker and are pleased to introduce our new eLocker system. elocker red workstation concept Hallways of the Future Hallway storage requirements have changed rapidly and drastically as technology plays a larger role in our lives. GSS Lockers is committed to staying at the forefront of corridor storage with new concepts for storage and collaborative work stations.

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