Toilet Partitions

Sleek and sturdy steel toilet partitions

Our toilet partitions come with the strongest door on the market, and an emergency access for durability and safety. Our heavy-duty hinges are chrome-plated non-ferrous alloy castings that ensure the door is secured to the partition.

The pilasters and panels are constructed of galvanneal steel that’s formed with snap lock edges and welded corners – and they’re reversible! Our partitions are also finished with an abrasion and graffiti resistant polymer powder coating so they can stand up to anything!

Say goodbye to rust, scratches and graffiti – say hello to durable GSS Lockers partitions.

Our partition models


  • The Epic model is widely used in most everyday heavy-duty applications for industrial, commercial, education and public facilities
  • This head-rail braced model provides increased stability for high-traffic environments
  • The cap-style design of the anti-grip headrail fits securely over the top of each pilaster to supply maximum bracing to the installation


  • The Citation model is used in applications where visual security and ease of cleaning are a top priority, such as hospitals, clinics and quality restaurants
  • This ceiling-hung model is sturdy and achieves all of your aesthetic needs for a polished look with long-lasting quality
  • This model is secured to the ceiling with our strong steel components, so you can rest assured it will hang for years to come


  • The Medallion model is used in quality facilities
  • Clean, modern appearance ideal for office towers, clubs and other professional environments
  • This floor-mounted model is secured to the ground with our durable steel components ensuring a strong, long-lasting hold